January 12, 2016

Daniela Nardi's Espresso Manifesto is a musical and cultural experience that's attracting national and international audiences alike. Her latest album CANTO (EOne Music), has received high praise from the press in Italy, prompting a release there on February 15th.

While in Toronto though, Nardi presents the highly acclaimed intercontinental musical journey at the legendary Jazz Bistro, beginning on January 17, 2016. As part of the Bistro's cabaret series, Nardi will continue through to April 17, showcasing her incredible ensemble with intimate and ever-changing sets that celebrate voice, song and music.

The Espresso Manifesto quintet is comprised of Nardi on vocals, guitarist Kevin Barrett, pianist Ron Davis, drummer Steve Heathcote and bassist Mike Downes. Special guests include Louis Simao (bass/accordion), Colleen Allen (saxophone/clarinet), Lina Allemano (trumpet) and in April, Nardi is featuring the members of the Espresso Manifesto band.

Daniela Nardi's Espresso Manifesto is not only a musical experience but a cultural one, with critics from Montreal to Moscow embracing Nardi's music, using such buzz words as universal, exotic, vibrant, and sensuous to describe this truly unique artist and her ensemble. The innovative project has shone a new light on Italian music and in turn, invigorated Toronto's multi-cultural music scene.

With an international spin; fluid, expressive vocals; and effortless, organic instrumental arrangements that incorporate elements of blues, soul and bossa nova, Nardi's most recent album CANTO is a refreshing foray into the great voices of a time past and also those of the present. She breathes new life into these Italian songs of old and has evolved into a true tour de force with an undeniable voice that captivates and intoxicates audiences worldwide.

Blending old world charm and modern, sophisticated groove on her stunningly beautiful homage to the Italian cantautore tradition, Daniela will perform the music from CANTO, for the Jazz Bistro cabaret series, followed by a set from her previous collection Songs of Paolo Conte, with a smattering of originals included in the mix.
Cabaret Series Guests:

Louis Simao is a Toronto-based musician and who's been composing, performing and recording as a multi-instrumentalist in a variety of genres for 20 years. 2016 will mark the release of his much- anticipated solo album, A Luz (The Light) a collection of Sima√Ćo's own compositions and arrangements. Simao takes the listener on a journey through the sounds of the Portuguese-speaking world, as experienced through the life of this first-generation Canadian son of Portuguese immigrants. His cultural background, combined with his jazz sensibility and chamber music compositional style, come together to create a voice that is at once universal and deeply personal. Simao has performed and/or recorded with award-winning artists Nelly Furtado, Dominic Mancuso, Michael Occhipinti's Sicilian Jazz Project ,and even opened for Cesaria Evora and Celso Machado. --

Colleen Allen creates magic on alto, tenor and soprano sax, as well as the flute, clarinet and accordion. Known for her skill and presence onstage, she's currently a member of Molly Johnson's band, and has performed with a diverse array of artists such as Anne Murray, Holly Cole, Shirley Eikhard, Rita MacNeil, Gino Vanelli, John McDermott, Ani DiFranco and Cirque de Soleil.

Lina Allemano is a Canadian trumpeter, improviser, and composer based in Toronto since 1993, originally hailing from Edmonton, AB. She has an active international career, performing and recording cutting-edge contemporary music primarily in free-jazz/improvised/experimental/avant- garde settings. Her playing, compositions, and artistic vision have gained her recognition for being adventurous, expressive, compelling, forward thinking, inventive, and sophisticated. "Trumpeter Lina Allemano is especially good at the melodification of thought and sound. Her finely textured improvisations are always intent but casual, as if she were merely picking out notes and phrases that have always been there, waiting to be made audible" ~ Robert Everett-Green, The Globe and Mail.

More News for DNEM:

As with Nardi's acclaimed album, The Songs of Paolo Conte, her follow-up creation CANTO is also seeing critics and reviewers globally singing its praises, making Nardi's Espresso Manifesto a top pick with jazz and world-music lovers. On CANTO, Nardi applies her sublime interpretive skills to 10 timeless songs by some of Italy's greatest jazz and pop composers.

The album is replete with lush arrangements, as on the tune A Story Gone Wrong an English translation of the story of the controversial death of film director Pier Paolo Pasolini, "Una Storia Sbagliata, by the legendary Fabrizio DeAndre. It was released to the Italian press on November 4, 2015, in honour of the Pasolini's 40th anniversary of his passing. The Italian press picked it up, calling the song and the interpretation "a gift" from this Italian-Canadian artist to Italy....

As a result, CANTO will be released on GRAF Records in Italy, on February 15, 2016, along with the first single "Giovanni Telegrafista" (Enzo Jannacci) a heartbreaking, Coen brothers-like lament of Giovanni, a telegrapher, and his solitary pursuit for his love, Alba and its animated video, produced by the award-winning team at MAD Entertaiment in Naples. Album producer Antonio Fresa, the renowned film composer/producer, is also a partner in the MAD production company. His latest animated film "L'Arte della Felicita" won the European Oscar for Best Animation.

With Daniela always on the move and creating, we can look forward to re-mixes of a couple of tracks from CANTO, with the mad skills of famed DJ/ composer Gerardo Fresina. She is also developing another upcoming June edition of her Salone Series, bringing more Italian culture to Toronto via art, music and food.