Benvenuti, Welcome to this new space.

A space that is undergoing a metamorphosis, much like we collectively are given this COVID-CHAOS which has hit globally.

You see, I walked away from my career in music about 4 years ago. After years of pursuing this love, this dream, everything imploded. Sure from an artistic point of view, I can look back and say I am very proud of my work. From a career point of view, I could barely get arrested in my own town. After CANTO, everything just stopped. No reviews. No gigs. No Juno nominations (which my whole team was expecting, like – it was time) No. Nope. Nada. Niet. Niente. Punto. Basta.

So, I stopped. I was broke. I had no other work. I fell into a depression. After all, this was my entire life, my entire being. How could this just end? What am I to do now?

Being the hustler that I have come to realise I am, I cobbled together the skills I had and managed to get some work being a cultural director and as an executive director of a performing arts space in Toronto. It’s quite remarkable how in a short amount of time I have transformed my skills set into this side of the lens. But something was missing.

For 4 years, I had no desire to do any music. It hurt too much, it made no sense. I was so tired of it all. And now being on the other side, I see how things are actually done and I think to myself I just don’t have it in me to do all that again. But… the creator part of me, her pilot light, never went out. It was still flickering and it seems in this time away, it gave me a chance to heal some wounds, reflect, reassess and reaffirm that, I AM a musician, I AM a songwriter. That will never go away.

The business may try to define my reputation but it can’t define my art.

So, here I am. Reconstructing. Renovating. Resting and re-setting. I don’t know where we are heading but I know that Destiny is certainly guiding the ship.

I look forward to sharing it with you…